February 28, 2005

WolverineTom: A geologist...like Randy Marsh

An encounter between an athiest and the creationists, concluding that:
"1. They need me to convert to religion, I don't need them to convert to believing evolution. If they get no more people to join their group, their religion would eventually die. On the other hand, when dealing with evolution, every single person could stop believing in it but the fact would remain that evolution would still be true. Scientific principles do not disappear if no one believes in them (the earth was not the center of the universe, no matter how much people believed it was back then).

2. They measure their successes on how many people they can fool on the evolution/creationism situation. They didn't get me, so they lost. I feel good about that one.

3. They depend on these tables to try and bring you in. Simply asking to accept Christianity doesn't cut it these days. They know they are losing, so they have to resort to the table displays and bulletin boards."
So true, but the sooner religion dies the better it will be for everybody. Not least the people currently repressed by it.


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